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A Luxury Colorado Springs Travel Guide

This post is in partnership with Garden Of The Gods Resort & Club. All Opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting #caspiantobaltic.



Looking for that perfect relaxing couple of days in Colorado Springs to enjoy good food, great scenery and plenty of beauty to discover? Your guide to exploring starts NOW! After weeks of research and visiting for 4 days, we've compiled a list of the best thing to do for that adventurous yet relaxing long weekend trip!

How to get to Colorado Springs?

The closest airport is conveniently the Colorado Springs airport. However, if you find yourself wanting more options with time and date from your location, we recommend checking Denver International Airport. The flights are more frequent to Denver airport and you also can fly internationally to this port. From Denver airport, it is a scenic 2.5 hours drive down to Colorado Springs, with a bonus stop at Denver city centre to catch a glimpse of the most iconic shopping street of The West!

Larimer Square - Denver
Larimer Square - Denver

Packing Must Haves + Travel Accommodations

This surely varies depending on the time you visit. Colorado Springs is situated 5,994 feet(1827 meters)above sea level. The altitude and proximity to the mountains provides for a year-round, mild climate. Classified as an alpine desert, you can enjoy an average of 300 days of deep blue skies, abundant sunshine and low humidity. Packing Must Haves: We visited early April and during our 4 days stay, we experienced mist, rain, sunshine and heat. If you are visiting during transitional seasons, pack a jacket, boots, summery clothes and possibly a swimsuit! How To Get Around: As we drove down from Denver airport, we hired a rental car which gave us the liberty to explore the town, do a few hikes and check out the scenery from different angles.

Where to Stay?

Garden Of The Gods Resort & Club: Located in the heart of Colorado Springs, is one of the most unique stays we have ever experienced in terms of scenery and service. Garden Of The Gods Resort & Club is the perfect mix of luxury and Wellness. With a Wellness centre on site, you not only can enjoy the luxury of a beautiful resort, but you can take advantage of all things wellness, only a few steps from your resort room!

The resort is equipped with a wellness concierge on site, STRATA, that can meet your needs from a relaxing facial and massage to nutrition, acupuncture, mental health and personal training! A one stop shop for everything wellness.

STRATA Wellness mini-tour

Resort amenities include a modern fully equipped gym with the newest technology, a thermo pool, always set to optimum body temperature and 3 separate dining areas.

We called the Junior Suite home for our 3 memorable nights. We were in awe with the view of the Garden Of The Gods National Park from our balcony and were absolutely delighted with everything the room had to offer. Plenty of closet space to unpack, a top of the line tea selection, coffee and a wine dispenser (yes! wine) to relax in your own space. We must add, the abundance of Molton Brown products further uplifted our experience for that extra touch of luxury.

Resort Tour

Things to Do

If you are a fan of hiking and exploring, then Colorado Springs is your heaven! Colorado Springs has countless options for shopping, museums and art galleries. Since we are hiking fanatics, our focus was to explore different trails and we did the 3 most famous ones! Read along as we explain each of them in the next section!


Garden of the Gods National Park

Less than a 10 minute drive from the resort, you find yourself in the heart of the Garden of the Gods National Park. The Park has a few extraordinary rock formations that serve as landmarks. These landmarks are located along countless continuous trails, each of them accessible by car and/or a short hike. If you are geared up to finish the loop and gaze over some phenomenal scenery, be sure to wear proper footwear. Depending on the path you chose, you can find yourself gaining some serious elevation for a butt-burning workout! If you'd like to see them all but are not in the mood to hike it, just simply drive around and take a quick 10-20 minute hike/walk to each of them!

We did a quick sunset hike around the area and picked our favorite landmarks for our photoshoot with Sara Plett! We couldn’t leave Colorodo Spring without booking a session with her as she is highly regarded in the area and her work is and inspiration to many artists. If you are celebrating a milestone (or simply appreciate great photography as we do), be sure to book a photography session with her. She has the magical ability to capture the essence of special moments that will last a lifetime!


Paint Mines Interpretive Park

This location reminded us of the amazing formations in Cappadocia and an editorial featured in VOGUE magazine. This was by far the hike we were most excited about!

A little bit of Maggie being a hiking queen, a little bit of Sep being a dress-up queen, Paint Mines sounded like a dream location.

Arriving at the park, after a 10 minute walk to get to the open space, what we saw before our eyes was beyond what we could have imagined.

Shades of pink, purple, rust and orange. Unusual geological formations of winding gulches, hoodoos and pink walkways in an open field makes you feel as though you landed on another planet.


Red Rock Canyon Open Space

On our last day in Colorado Springs, we explored the Red Rock Canyon Open Space in the early hours of the morning. With a 7 am start time, it was a great opportunity to have the park to ourselves! The park is famous for its series of parallel red rock ridges and eroded canyons. We started at the parking lot here and made our way towards the lake and ended up doing the full loop across the park. The loop is about 4.4 miles (7 kilometers) with 570 ft (174 meters) elevation, which took us about an hour and 40 minutes with frequent stops for lookouts and photos!

Another breath taking hike that shall not be missed!


Food and Drinks

Food and Drink options in this part of the world are not scarce! From Fine dining to local breweries and roof-top bars, Colorado Springs has it all! As for what we did, we kept finding ourselves going back to the Garden Of The Gods Resort for every meal! There was a great selection of wine (some that can not be easily found in New York), a variety of food option across all 3 dining areas and mesmerizing views of the Garden Of the Gods which had us head over heals for this place!

Be sure to check out our Instagram posts that showcase the many locations and options. While you’re in Colorado Springs, don’t forget to check out our Colorado Springs Instagram highlight story – it may be super helpful!

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