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10 Most Instagrammable Places in Cheyenne

The most Photogenic spots of Cheyenne

Have you ever dreamed about that western backdrop with unlimited options of boots to buy and bison to pet?

Well look no further than Cheyenne! The home of true wild wild west and The Cowboy Boot Capital of the Real West !

Interested to know what a day in Cheyenne looks like? Then follow along as we list how to get there, where to visit!

How to get to Cheyenne?

The most accessible/ international airport near to Cheyenne is Denver International Airport,. A quick one hour drive and you are in Cheyenne!

Now that we know why and how to get there, lets start with the countdown.


1- Terry Bison Ranch

10 minutes drive south of Cheyenne, the grounds between Colorado and Wyoming border is graced with one of Cheyenne's biggest gems! Terry Bison Ranch's custom built train! This train takes you straight to see the state's mammal, gracing the state flag of Wyoming, The American Bison!

The American bison, is a species of bison native to North America. They usually live in the wild and it is advised not to approach them in the free grounds as they are way bigger than you! However, you can feed them, and also pet them from the train platform. They are actually lovely when you are at their eye level, which quite possibly in Bison language means, you are superior and they ought to be nice!

Specially Charlie Brown, the largest bison at Terry Bison Ranch, featured above eating all the food and not sharing with his fellow bison team members!


2- The Wrangler

More interesting than the dazzled red-painted bricks of this iconic building, is the history of The Wrangler.

The building was erected sometime in 1888, housed commercial stores on the ground floor and offices and rental units on the upper floors. Gradually the rental units were converted into hotel rooms so that by 1898 it became a Hotel. Having President Roosevelt and Country superstar Reba McEntire as guests, the hotel remained in business until early 1940s and began selling ranch wear to the local ranchers and wranglers (cowboys) in 1943. Today it remains a very popular western wear store selling boots, hats, western wear and work clothes.

Aside form being one of the most iconic buildings in Cheyenne, The Wrangler is a one stop shop if you want to look the part being in the heart of the Wild Wild West!


3- Stanford's

One of the must-sees of Cheyenne. If you are into experiencing those western movies and Lucky Luke iconic moments, you have to dine at Stanford's! Don't be fooled by the look of the "simple" entrance, as there is a whole world to discover inside! A true collection of American iconic memorabilia. They don't take reservations, but don't worry, there is plenty of seating and you will not be bored waiting to be seated!


4- The Lincoln

The Lincoln - Cheyenne

You would not know what "Cheyenne Chic" is unless you visit the Lincoln.

Once a movie theatre, this venue has re-invented itself with the great initiative of a local power-couple. They have brought back this iconic building to life by turning it to an epicenter of the growing live music scene of Cheyenne.

This non-profit centre has graced its walls with artwork from the community. The brilliance of this idea lies within preserving The Lincoln's original carpets and using the carpet's color pallet to inspire artists to showcase their imaginations on canvas.

Make sure to check their concert calendar before your visit as this venue deserves appreciation from the inside even more than the outside!


5- Ames Monuments

Placed at the highest point on the Transcontinental Railroad, this monument is dedicated to Oakes Ames and Oliver Ames, two Massachusetts brothers who were extremely influential in constructing the nation’s first Transcontinental Railroad.

We enjoyed the open area of The Great Plains and the beautiful backdrop of The Rocky Mountains.


6- Luxury Diner

Another iconic structure that defines the identity of Cheyenne!

Once an operating trolley car on the streets of Cheyenne from 1894 to 1912, Luxury Diner has been operating as a working diner since 1926. You can find the elaborate story of this icon written all over the exterior walls, which also made it one of our favorite photo-ops of Cheyenne!


7- Medicine Bow: Pole Mountain

A quick 5 minute drive from the Ames Monument, stands the magnificent Pole Mountains, part of the Medicine Bow National Forest.

Don't be surprised if you spend your entire time there thinking about how this giant structure is standing, as it is comprised of a series of staggered rocks eloquently resting on one another. We ended up spending our entire afternoon here mesmerized by the beautiful scenery before our eyes.


8- Cheyenne Frontier Days Museum

Get into your ultimate Cowgirl/Cowboy spirit at Cheyenne frontier Days Old West Museum!

Home to the world's largest outdoor rodeo and western celebration, you will find history of these dazzling events here! The museum has a prominent gallery space, showcasing local artists work which will entice you to spend hours walking around and admiring every detail!


9- Wyoming State Capitol Building

The Capitol was built in 1888 and expanded in 1890 and 1917, and has been enhanced and re-store throughout years.

This particular angle of the Capitol building (on Capitol Ave) is the most iconic as it is visible on the cities photographs since inception.


10- Cheyenne Botanic Gardens

The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens exist to cultivate community for the public by providing treasured gardens, educational opportunities, and enrichment.

A real pleasure to walk around and capture such detailed work.

Cheyenne Most Instagrammable Places Wrap-up

This covers our favorite Instagram spots in Cheyenne! As you can see, Cheyenne has tons of Instagrammable places to get that perfect photo! However these are not the only ones and it is impossible to capture all the beauty Cheyenne has to offer in one go!

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